Whether you are a young adult, a teenager, or even a parent, you have to admit that the sole thought of owning an RC-powered race car makes you happy! Why is that so? Well, truth be told – the best RC cars under $50 are just so entertaining!

They bear the concept that made drones famous, it’s a fact! It’s basically a miniature car that you can drive around with fluid controls. The drones, of course, took things one step further and added a 3rd dimension to the whole thing. That’s why they became so successful. As a matter of fact, you can consider drones as the next-gen RC toys.

But you don’t want a drone now, do you? Otherwise, I don’t see why would you come to this site in the first place. You want an RC car, right? And not just any RC car – you want the best RC car under $50? Well, if I’m correct (and I most certainly am), I got a special treat in store for you!

Below this paragraph, you can find a list of the top 10 best RC cars on the market that fit under the $50 mark. In case your budget is not limited to $50, you might be interested in our list of 5 RC Cars under $100. There are plenty of models to choose from but I took the time and came up with the 10 best ones. Here they are!


5 Best RC cars under $50 in 2022

5. Blexy RC Car10mph1/1820minSee price now
4. Jeypod RC Car8mph1/2222minSee price now
3. Szjjx Rock12mph1/1820minSee price now
2. Bezgar Off Road15mph1/1425minSee price now
1. Double E RC Car13mph1/1830minSee price now

Blexy RC Cars

5. Blexy RC Car

The first RC car for kids we’re going to talk about here is made by Blexy RC. There’s no way you could’ve heard about this brand since they only deal in cheap, worry-free children’s models. On the bright side – their 1/18 RC buy looks and feels great, which is why it’s listed here!

Affordable Price Tag

For roughly $35, this is as good of an RC car as you’re ever gonna get. It even comes with an extra battery that will effectively double your runtime. Talking about runtime, we’re talking roughly half an hour of battery life with both cells combined. The operating range is good enough for most backyards, going up to 150 feet or roughly 50 meters. As for the top speed, it becomes clear that this is nothing more than a solid RC car for children – it can go slightly above 15km/h, which is roughly 10mph.

Solid RC Buggy for Learning

When talking about such cheap RC models, it takes no genius to understand they’re primarily meant to be used by children. They are small, easy to operate and can’t develop neck-breaking speeds that can damage objects/property or potentially hurt someone. They can’t make giant leaps like their bigger brethren, but can still provide a ton of fun for children of all ages. Thy make for a fine learning experience and pose as excellent starting RC cars. If, however, you’re thinking of gifting one of these buggers to a teenager, you’ll have to make a slightly bigger dent in your budget.



jeypod rc car


JEYPOD’s affordable RC car is the next one on our chopping block. This one costs just a tad bit more than the aforementioned model by Blexy RC, but it delivers a slightly superior performance across most fronts. Still, the most essential figure is the fact that it’s cheap, meaning it makes for a perfect gift no matter the occasion.

Plenty of Batteries in the Package

Believe it or not, JEYPOD’s RC buggy comes with a total of four batteries in the package. Don’t get your horses all riled up, thinking you’ll have upwards of an hour of runtime. Nope – two batteries are for the included transmitter (AA or AAA, I’m not 100% sure tbh) and two are for the actual RC car. Still, two batteries are excellent, especially considering the fact you’ll get more than half an hour of runtime with them.

Other Specifications

As far as other specifications go, JEYPOD’s RC buggy is no pushover. It goes well beyond the 10mph mark and can reach around 200 fett, making it a potent backyard runner day in and day out. The design is good too. It’s sleek, clean, but unfortunately, has little to no spare parts available for purchase. Still, if you can suffer through the fact that it might just be a one-day wonder (which is alright for a present), JEYPOD’s RC buggy seems like an excellent choice.



szjjx off road

RC Car Under $50

3. SZJJX Rock

This 1/18 RC car sports an aggressive design. The first thing that you’ll mention is the interesting front end with three-stage differential gear and a high-speed servo. Both of these make up for an amazing experience and allow this beauty to be controlled with proper ease.

General Specs

But that’s not everything that is interesting about this one. Let’s continue with its powerful Lithium battery that can endure slightly more than 20 minutes of playtime. Unfortunately, it does not come with a quick charge feature (that’s a bit too much to expect from such a cheap model), but still charges in roughly 3 hours.

If you didn’t notice by now, SXJJX is an excellent RC car that offers an enjoyable experience. Not only is it pretty fast (cca 12 mph) and durable, it also supports strong suspension springs and unsurpassed climbing power that make it a great outdoor imperator.

Wrapping Things Up

Now I suppose I should say a couple of conclusive words to wrap this explanation up. So, here goes… Today’s runner up sports an excellent framework and small (but aggressive) design with proper hardware inside. All in all, there is no doubt the SXJJX is a good bargain. As a matter of fact, for this price, it can be considered a steal!




2. Bezgar 1/14 Off-Road

Even though Bezgar now has a plethora of RC trucks available in the low and mid-end sections of the market, they’re still not that popular. Why is that so? I honestly can’t tell. What I can tell you is that most of their models are nicely poised with great price/performance ratio and awesome reviews. The same goes for this 1/14 version, which is a pretty big chump considering the price tag.

A Great Toy RC Car Under $50

If you’re buying this thing for anyone but a child, it’s not going to be a good present. Trust me – this thing is way too slow for an adult… heck, it’s way too slow for a teenager too! I’m not trying to belittle Bezgar’s entry level 1/14 model, but as the popular meme would say – it is what it is.

The fact that it’s only meant for children is not necessarily a bad thing. In fact, this could be the best toy car you can get for this kind of money. It’s durable, comes with two batteries, and can drive as fast as 25 km/h (that’s roughly 15mph) – what more could you want from a children’s model?

Bigger Than Average

As mentioned above, Bezgar’s 1/14 model is a pretty big feller that goes for under $50. You’d come to expect 1/18 and smaller models, but this one breaks the deadlock. And it’s does so with some style, if I may add, bringing forth a powerful brushed motor and decent quality suspension springs. Don’t expect any rock-crawling with this thing… but that doesn’t mean it can’t handle any sort of off-road terrain…



double e rc car

Best RC Car Under $50

1. Double E RC Car

The best car you can get for just over $50 is the Double E 1/18 model bragging with 4×4 drive and an insanely powerful motor. As you’d expect, we’re talking about a ready to run model here, meaning the package includes everything you need to get it up and running on its maiden course. That said, let’s take a closer look at this bugger so we better understand what makes it tick!


Let’s start off with the technicalities because I know for a fact many of you judge your RC cars solely on the basis of numbers. This thing runs on a miniature brushed motor that lets it develop up to 13mph. It’s not the safest bugger out there, but for $50, what were you expecting?

As for the runtime, you can expect roughly 30 minutes with a solid 800mAh battery. Your best bet is to buy a bunch of extra ones on Amazon so you don’t have to wait two hours (that’s how much the charging takes) between each racing session.

Great Purchase

The speed, excellent runtime, and controlling distance (works over 2.4Ghz and goes quite far) are the key selling points of this little bugger. Well, that and the fact it comes in a ready to run package! A highly durable body, rubber tires, and IPX4 waterproof certificate are just added extras to an already awesome package. That said, if you’re looking for an excellent all-around entry-level RC car, Double E RC Car is as good as they come!


Best RC Cars Under $50 | FAQ

What kind of RC cars can you get for under $50?

This is probably the first question that pops to everyone’s mind before purchasing a toy RC car. Well, that and Are these under $50 RC cars any good… but we will talk more about that right after the list. For now, let’s take a closer look at the types of RC cars that are priced below the $50 mark!

  • Wall Climbers

    As their name suggests, this type of RC car is able to climb walls. They usually do it with powerful suction fans placed underneath the body which suck the air out and create a vacuum. This allows wall climbers to effectively defy gravity and conquer your home one wall at a time.

  • Mini Replicas

    If you want a miniature Ferrari or Lamborghini, chances are high you’ll be able to get a 1/16 or 1/14 mini replica. These RC cars might not be the most maneuverable (or speedy) ones but they are detailed representations of real models which is what makes them wanted merchandise.

  • Rock Crawlers

    Rock crawlers have gotten their name because of their ability to drive through various types of obstacles such as rocks, inclines and all that stuff. This is done by independent suspensions and shockproof designs which effectively increase their chances of driving past obstacles.


All jokes aside – Are these cheap RC cars any good?

Well, I’m being completely honest here guys when I say that most of these RC cars will amaze you with their performance. Despite being cheap (under $50 is the extreme low-end in the RC cars hobby), these little racers can provide with a good deal of fun, especially to preschoolers and children in general. Adults (beginners) will have fun with them too, but I suppose something a bit beefier should be on their menu.

As far as the performance goes, they’ve exceeded my initial expectations. I’m usually playing around with high-end models like my Traxxas Revo… but still, these little guys made a good impression. Don’t get me wrong, they’re nowhere near the Revo, but for the price they are sold for, they’re more than a good investment! So, my final answer is YES – these cheap RC cars are actually good! You’ll have a ton of fun with them and they won’t cost you too much.

Just a quick heads up – don’t be discouraged if they stop working after some time. It’s usually the brushed motors that take the hit first but they’re cheap and easily replaceable. 


Is $50 just too low for a proper RC car?

It depends on how serious you are regarding the whole RC racing hobby, and if you’re buying it solely for the purpose of a one-day fun. If the answer to the second question is yes, then yeah, I don’t see why you shouldn’t buy a dirt-cheap RC car. They’re fun, can last for well more than a day (if you’re careful), and pose as solid entry-level options.

If, on the other hand, you’d like something that can last for months on end, while also having replacement parts available for purchase online, then you should consider upping the price cap a bit.


Does more money mean more quality?

The sole reason why you should consider upping the price cap a bit is quality improvement. At such a low-end section of the market, even a $50 increase can mean all the difference between a solid and an atrocious model. Obviously, $50 wouldn’t make much of a difference if we’re talking about higher-end sections, such as RC cars under $500. So yeah, long story short – more money does mean more quality, at least in this price range.


What to do when I break such a cheap RC car?

That’s the real question! Unfortunately, I reckon you won’t like the answer. You see, these cheap drone manufacturers don’t really have a lot of replacement parts available. Seeing little to no replacement parts shouldn’t be all that surprising. In fact, the only parts you will be able to find are the generic ones that are used by virtually all brands. When talking about proprietary stuff like chassis sections, or original wheels, I’m afraid you won’t have much luck finding any.


What are the best RC Cars under $100?

The best way of exploring just how far RC cars can go is to make incremental changes to your arsenal. If you’re just starting out or you’d like to introduce your children to this amazing hobby, you should either look for RC cars under $100 or under $50. This link will lead you straight to our guide which showcases some of the best options at that particular price point. Realistically speaking, they’re much better than the ones featured in this piece. Well, who would’ve guessed doubling the price tag does that…


Conclusion | RC Cars Under $50

This list was so fun, wasn’t it? It portrayed 10 awesome RC cars, many of which have unique abilities or appearances. We had them all; from Police cars, wall climbing superheroes, Firetrucks, and standard 4WD buggies.

If you are on the edge of purchasing one of them, I am sorry to inform you that I cannot help you any further. I did my best with the list to introduce you to all the best choices out there. In the end, it is still up to you to decide which one to go for!